EC // AWARDS: Glamorous Grammys – Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // AWARDS: Glamorous Grammys

EC // AWARDS: Glamorous Grammys - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

The Grammys is always filled with surprises...and I'm not talking about the award winners. I'm talking about the FASHION. 

Of course I was waiting [very impatiently] to watch Adele and Beyonce perform (I mean who wasn't?!?), but the best part of the Grammys was seeing the daring outfits and elegant gowns. This year, the red carpet was filled with peekaboo dresses and revealing outfits. Whether it be Heidi Klum's sequin mini dress, or Lady Gaga's exposed rocker outfit, the ladies were definitely showing some EXTRA skin. 

But of course JLo killed it this year.....seriously when does she not??







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