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EC // AWARDS: Golden Globes 2018 - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // AWARDS: Golden Globes 2018

The 75th annual Golden Globes started off the new year by making a statement. Some of the best actors and actresses of 2017 came out last night to showcase their talents - but also to bring awarene...
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EC // AWARDS: AMAs 2017 - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // AWARDS: AMAs 2017

Award season has officially started! The 2017 AMAs red carpet was full of black jumpsuits and dresses, with some pops of color. Here are a few of my favorite looks of the night... Selena Gomez P!...
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EC // FRIENDS: Gabriela Dias - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // FRIENDS: Gabriela Dias

Seeing our beautiful jewelry on beautiful people is what keeps me inspired. I love to see how different people style ECJ to make their own unique look. I just am so fascinated by how one earring ca...
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EC // AWARDS: Glamorous Grammys - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // AWARDS: Glamorous Grammys

The Grammys is always filled with surprises...and I'm not talking about the award winners. I'm talking about the FASHION.  Of course I was waiting [very impatiently] to watch Adele and Beyonce perf...
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EC // HISTORY: First Lady Fashion - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // HISTORY: First Lady Fashion

The Inaugural Ball gives the First Lady a chance to officially introduce herself to the American People. And with a high-profiled introduction calls for a memorable gown. From Nancy Reagan to Mi...
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