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It's That Time of Year

The best styles to give....or keep all for yourself

Gift of Beauty

This Year, give the gift of beauty through jewelry and stronger, shinier, healthier hair. Every purchase over $200 qualifies for a free Hot Tresses Trio Pack valued at $80.

Why Gift Jewelry?

Why is jewelry such a popular, giftable item? It has been custom for thousands and thousands of years....

Already in prehistoric and ancient cultures, it was common to give loved ones handmade jewelry like talismans or amulets to ward off bad luck, bring fertility to newlywed couples, or keep someone safe on a long journey. The function of jewelry as protection or good luck charm has continued through the centuries. Ancient Greeks hardly wore jewelry in their daily life, keeping it for public appearances and special occasions instead, but they often gifted jewelry to protect the wearer from the Evil Eye, or to endow the owner with supernatural powers. The
ancient Romans kept this tradition going and the jewelry they gifted to their loved ones often also had the purpose of warding off the Evil Eye.
In Southern Italy, as well as in some Italian-American neighborhoods, there is still a prevalent belief in the Evil Eye and this tradition continues today!

Jewelry has played an important part in our gift-giving tradition
through the centuries, and the meaning or symbolism we ascribe to our jewelry surely means that this custom will last for a long time. So, next time there is a special occasion and you want to give your loved one a gift to celebrate, consider giving them a piece of unique jewelry!