EC // HOME DECOR: Chandeliers – Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // HOME DECOR: Chandeliers

EC // HOME DECOR: Chandeliers - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

New England puts California to shame when it comes to antique/thrift store shopping, in my humble opinion. There are so many hidden gems that can be found at antique shops, auctions and consignment shops. You just never know what you will end up finding. And when I happened to come across this/these gorgeous chandelier at a consignment shop, I just had to buy BOTH the small and the large versions for my home (even though I had no actual place to hang either.....yes they sat in a basement for 2 years until I moved to another house). 

Then one day while leafing through Elle Decor I stumbled across the feature done on Ken Fulk's Montana home and he had MY chandelier. 


And I then decided to put the other chandelier I bought into the ECJ showroom.

And I just HAD to include it into a photoshoot for ECJ. I mean....who wouldn't?

Elle Decor has always been my go-to inspiration for interior design. They give a variety of ideas from organizing to decorating and everything in between.

And Ken Fulk clearly has some great taste in home decor...seeing we have the same chandelier. But I also found the rest of his house tour in Elle Decor simply fabulous.

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