EC // FRIENDS: Kathleen Barnes – Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // FRIENDS: Kathleen Barnes

EC // FRIENDS: Kathleen Barnes - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry
It's so fun to learn about different fashion bloggers that are a fan of ECJ. And then to see them incorporate our pieces into their own styles is just the cherry on top. 
One of my favorites is Kathleen Barnes of the blog Carrie Bradshaw Lied. She SLAYS in just about everything she wears. Whether it be by the beaches in California or trips to the big cities, she is able to dress accordingly with such ease.
Kathleen effortlessly pairs our Zwena and Marina earrings into a totally chic, yet playful, look. And I know what you all are thinking...."I need to buy a ruffle blouse and dress now." And you know what? I'm thinking the same thing...thanks for the inspiration Kathleen ;)
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