EC // FRIENDS: Fav Instagram Gals – Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // FRIENDS: Fav Instagram Gals

EC // FRIENDS: Fav Instagram Gals - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry
Scrolling through Insta and seeing someone wearing an ECJ piece is one of my all time fav things. 
Finding new fashion bloggers and Instagram famous girls to learn about new trends is another one of my fav things.
But what could be better than these two things, you may ask? ..... Having my fav girls to stalk on social media wearing ECJ. And that is why I am here, to show off these FAB ladies.
Each of these gals below give their own, unique look when wearing ECJ. They show how versatile a statement earring can be and how details are a MUST for any outfit. 
Actress Gabriela Dias (IG: @officialgabrieladias) in our Laticia earrings
Blogger, Fiona Dinkelbach (IG: @thedashgrinder) in our Alvita earrings (top) and Fanny earrings (bottom)
Blogger, Saufeeya Goodson (IG: @feeeeya) in our Nina earrings
Blogger, Tania Sarin (IG: @tania_sarin) in our Cynthia earrings (top) and Alvita earrings (bottom)
Blogger, Cassandra DiMicco (IG: @dressedfordreams) in our Ananas earrings, Valetta earrings, and Neah earrings (from top to bottom)
Blogger, Sasa Zoe (IG: @shallwesasa) in our Sakura earrings (top) and Marina earrings (bottom)
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