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EC // COLLECTIONS: Christmas 2017 - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // COLLECTIONS: Christmas 2017

I don't know about you, but once Thanksgiving is over (and I mean the moment I finish eating turkey and pie), I get into Christmas mode. Time for decorating the house and tree, listening to Christm...
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EC // AWARDS: AMAs 2017 - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // AWARDS: AMAs 2017

Award season has officially started! The 2017 AMAs red carpet was full of black jumpsuits and dresses, with some pops of color. Here are a few of my favorite looks of the night... Selena Gomez P!...
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EC // SALE: Black Friday 2017 - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // SALE: Black Friday 2017

Thanksgiving is right around the corner...time for family parties, good food, football, and most importantly SHOPPING! Black Friday is always stressful when you're trying to hit every store and tak...
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EC // FRIENDS: Luz Jabiel - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // FRIENDS: Luz Jabiel

Currently, I'm obsessing over Luz Jabiel (@luckyinstyle) and the way she absolutely ROCKS her Elizabeth Cole pieces.  Petite Watermelon earrings and Pomona necklace Petite Watermelon earrings Pe...
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EC // FRIENDS: Gabriela Dias - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // FRIENDS: Gabriela Dias

Seeing our beautiful jewelry on beautiful people is what keeps me inspired. I love to see how different people style ECJ to make their own unique look. I just am so fascinated by how one earring ca...
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EC // HALLOWEEN: Costume Inspirations - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // HALLOWEEN: Costume Inspirations

A few weeks ago I posted about "Fabulous Women to Dress up As" this Halloween. But with Halloween creeping up on us so quickly, you may be still deciding on what to dress up as.  A lot of my inspi...
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EC // COLLECTIONS: Patriotic Everything - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // COLLECTIONS: Patriotic Everything

Oooooh say can you see, by the dawn's early lights........ The American flag can be a huge inspiration for literally anyone...and I was profoundly inspired by it when creating the ECJ Patriotic co...
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EC // COLLECTIONS: Fall 2017 - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // COLLECTIONS: Fall 2017

Hello, fall. The fashion world has missed you, oh so much.  With our fall 2017 collection, we are happy to feature timeless pieces that can be worn all year round. There are the crystals and neutra...
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