EC // TRADESHOWS: 2017 Coterie – Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // TRADESHOWS: 2017 Coterie

EC // TRADESHOWS: 2017 Coterie - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

Twice a year, we have the pleasure of showcasing our latest collections to buyers from around the world at Coterie. Here are some of the highlights from this September's show....

 The perfect earrings for NYC

Is Spring here yet?

You can NEVER have enough pearls...

A little something blue...and a pop of red.

A necklace that says it all.

Why stop at just a statement necklace? The matching earrings are a must. 

Too much pretty in one place

Pearl paradise

"I have way too many chokers" - said no one ever

Pearls and whites and everything nice...

Any one else all ready for Spring? Yeah, me too.


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