EC // NYFW: Jewelry Street Style – Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // NYFW: Jewelry Street Style

EC // NYFW: Jewelry Street Style - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry
Ahhhh.......autumn. The changing of leaves, crisp air, chunky sweaters, suede booties, pumpkin flavored treats. But who is already looking forward to next spring/summer?? ME. 
Luckily, the 2017 September New York Fashion Week allowed me to check out upcoming trends for the warmer months of 2018. The NYFW killed it with the different accessories both on and off the runway. But, my eyes were glued to the New York streets, specifically the new jewelry must-haves. These are some of my absolute favorites. 

We at ECJ love a gold hoop....big or small.  And our Borges and Coralia earrings (featured below) are perfect for a layering look. Because lets me honest here, two is always better than one.


These stunning earrings are very similar to our yellow Cassandra earrings (featured below), available now on our website!




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