EC // FRIENDS: Dr. Jill Biden – Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // FRIENDS: Dr. Jill Biden

EC // FRIENDS: Dr. Jill Biden - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

Award show season...I find that I never sit down and watch the Oscars. I'll have it on in the background as I am bopping around the house or doing work.....I like the recap and I like the red carpet. Joan Rivers was my favorite, she is so missed. This year I was fast asleep when my friend Remy sent me a STREAM of text messages with pictures of DR. JILL BIDEN wearing our BACALL EARRINGS at the OSCARS. BE-YOND.

I had no idea she had them and HAS had them and worn them to a number of events. After this sighting I did some digging and lemme tell you she LOVES our earrings. JILL YOU OUT THERE?! I will send you them in ALL colors, and then we will become besties and we will have tea at the White House (that is how I envision this all going down).

Look at her arms?!.....I need to do some weight lifting


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