EC // FRIENDS: BB Dakota + Conor Graham – Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // FRIENDS: BB Dakota + Conor Graham

EC // FRIENDS: BB Dakota + Conor Graham - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

I have a slight crush on stylist Conor Graham (@conorgraham) She has used our jewels on a number of shoots including several different BB Dakota campaigns. In this particular shoot, I love how it is feminine but not too girly even with all the pink, flowers and bubble gum it still has an edgy quality. 

I also love the interiors in these shots...the pink curtains, Persian rugs and the bold blue & white print on the couch in particular bring me joy. I never thought I would want pink curtains but now am finding myself lusting for them. 

But before I get too distracted by the pink curtains...THE JEWELS, that just added to the whole layered look of the pictures (if I do say so myself). She layered some pieces that I had never layered together and kinda slapped myself and said "why haven't I WORN those together yet?!"

Thank you so much BB Dakota and Conor Graham...the pictures are beautiful. So glad we could be a part of it. 


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