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EC // FRIENDS: Amanda Hogan - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // FRIENDS: Amanda Hogan

Amanda Hogan (IG: hausofhogan) knows how to make a gold statement earring so versatile. She can dress them up with a colorful dress or pair them with a casual jean outfit. But no matter what she we...
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EC // AWARDS: Golden Globes 2018 - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // AWARDS: Golden Globes 2018

The 75th annual Golden Globes started off the new year by making a statement. Some of the best actors and actresses of 2017 came out last night to showcase their talents - but also to bring awarene...
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EC // FRIENDS: Gabriela Dias - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // FRIENDS: Gabriela Dias

Seeing our beautiful jewelry on beautiful people is what keeps me inspired. I love to see how different people style ECJ to make their own unique look. I just am so fascinated by how one earring ca...
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EC // COLLECTIONS: Patriotic Everything - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // COLLECTIONS: Patriotic Everything

Oooooh say can you see, by the dawn's early lights........ The American flag can be a huge inspiration for literally anyone...and I was profoundly inspired by it when creating the ECJ Patriotic co...
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EC // COLLECTIONS: Fall 2017 - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // COLLECTIONS: Fall 2017

Hello, fall. The fashion world has missed you, oh so much.  With our fall 2017 collection, we are happy to feature timeless pieces that can be worn all year round. There are the crystals and neutra...
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EC // FRIENDS: Erin Busbee - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // FRIENDS: Erin Busbee

The mother-of-two fashion blogger, Erin Busbee, knows how to rock ANYTHING she wears and proves it to anyone who visits the Busbee Style blog. Erin knows exactly how to look FABULOUS by pairing som...
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EC // BLOGS: Meg Biram - Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

EC // BLOGS: Meg Biram

When you find a look that works...keep working it. Meg is wearing our classic Mohawk Earrings and Fish Bone Earrings. Thank you Meg Biram for featuring some of our signature pieces! The outfits are...
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